01. It seems to be her [fate] to die young.
02. Do you believe in [fate] or do you think that we alone control our destiny?
03. He talked again of that [fateful] evening when he when out for a walk, and ended up witnessing a murder.
04. The [fate] of the Prime Minister himself will be decided in tonight's election.
05. My cat's [fate] is now in the hands of the veterinarian.
06. We do not yet know the [fate] of the 150 passengers of the plane that crashed into the Atlantic.
07. Writer Amy Tan once said that if you can't change your [fate], change your attitude.
08. There is a Saudi Arabian proverb which states that great care is no defense against [fate].
09. In ancient times, people believed that the positions of the planets influenced the [fate] of kings and great nations.
10. There is a Mexican proverb which states that no [fate] is worse than a life without a love.
11. There is a Chinese proverb which observes that the winds of the heavens shift suddenly, and so does human [fate].
12. There is a French proverb which states that you often meet your [fate] on the road you take to avoid it.
13. Many Filipinos believe in a universal god called Bathala, who rules the earth and the universe, and decides their [fate].
14. Someone once joked that man blames most accidents on [fate], but feels a more personal responsibility when he makes a hole-in-one on the golf course.

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